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Τhe dawn of a new era for STR8

20 MARCH 2019

STR8 reinvents itself and inspires you to not settle for anything less than great  

20.03.2019 - STR8 is a loved brand that needs no introduction. It has written its own unique story in the lives of young people across the world. A story of inspiration and masculinity that has evolved through time, but always remained true and relevant. It celebrates the power of staying true to yourself and your vision in life, chasing your dreams without giving up and finding motivation in your inner strength.

STR8 is taking a great step ahead, coming to a new era. An era where elegance meets power and masculinity is sophistication. The new brand motto sets the tone: Go for Great. A powerful call to action for all young men to get out there, without any fear or hesitation, and aim high for what truly matters to them.

The packaging has significantly evolved as well, as the new tin, the ‘famous’ STR8 trademark, now bares a premium and minimal total black design across all fragrances. Τhe brand’s elegance is highlighted by the new logo and the custom-made typography, the combination of which results in a fresh and intriguing proposition. The new fragrance line includes all the variants that people have come to love, but also brings forward the alluring addition of “Rise”, a new fragrance with Giannis Antetokounmpo’s signature. “Rise” is a fresh and elegant fragrance with citrus top notes, A fruity mint heart combined with precious woody base notes, which perfectly completes STR8 fragrance palette.

As STR8’s ambassador, Giannis Antetokounmpo idyllically represents all the brand’s values. Being a true accomplisher, Giannis inspires every young man to chase what they really want in life, to go for great and experience the awesome feeling of success. In the new advertising communication, we see Giannis performing in a symbolic way in his “natural environment”, a basketball court, and in this way, he creates strong and memorable images.

STR8’s evolution goes beyond the fragrance line. A brand-new line has come to change the daily routine of the “work hard, play harder” man: The Performance White line. Available in 4 different variants, it includes skin-friendly deodorants and shower gels that offer effective protection through the combination of advanced formulas and masculine scents. The anti-perspirant sprays offer up to 72 hours of extreme anti-perspirant performance, while the roll-ons and sticks complete the performance line-up with intense long-lasting protection against perspiration! The 3-in-1 shower gels complement the Performance experience, offering deep cleansing for body, face, and hair, as well as deodorizing action, for a feeling of freshness that lasts up to 12 hours! The minimal, total white packaging makes the Performance line truly stand-out in its uniqueness. After all, we are talking about the line that is part of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s daily routine. If it can cater to the intensive needs of a professional ΝΒΑ athlete, imagine what it can do for you. The new STR8 Performance Line is here to offer you the freshness, protection, and performance you need!    

STR8 Performance line is introduced through a highly entertaining video starring Giannis Antetokounmpo in a shocking role. Stay tuned to the STR8 YouTube channel for a digital-only experience!


Chasing your goals and fighting to achieve greatness are not random acts. Going for great, it’s a choice. Let STR8 inspire you to follow your dreams, without hesitation, aim high and reach for your own greatness. Give it a go!

-Τhe end-

About STR8           
STR8 is a popular range of male fragrances, with high awareness in all countries that the Sarantis Group operates in. STR8 is addressed to young men, supporting them towards following their passion, surpassing their limits, doing their best to become better every single day

Τhe dawn of a new era for STR8 (211.7KB)

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