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C – THRU Cosmic Aura


C-THRU as a leading brand, recognizable for creativity, fashion and inspiration, this season is pleased to present the new perfume Cosmic Aura.

The aura is like a fingerprint, but neither is the same. It can shine, be radiant and spread positive energy. It is a cosmic signature of a dynamic nature that changes daily.

C-THRU Cosmic Aura expresses style and elegance, as an expression of the identity of young girls with a unique attitude through playfulness and creativity and leaves an energetic mark in the environment of a girl.

Carefully selected fragrant notes of black currant, melon and Italian tangerine are the heart of C-THRU Cosmic Aura combined with jasmine and cyclamen leaves and complemented with white musk, patchouli and vanilla.

Sensual and mysterious, seductive scent of C-THRU Cosmic Aura will mark the beginning of the night!

Make it an evening to remember!

C-THRU Cosmic Aura

Your mark of charm!

#yourmarkofcharmMKD #cosmicaura

C – THRU Cosmic Aura (317.2KB)

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