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FINO - reason for your SMILE

30 DECEMBER 2018

FINO has been your friend since 2003 and you can trust him to do the household chores that make your life easier and simpler…

The FINO product range is made up of food packaging products to waste bags and cleaning products, which have become an integral part of your daily household needs. Takes care of your daily needs for more than 10 years now, we are committed to research and innovation to offer quality and reliable products.

FINO is your smart ally, an expert in every home, because FINO loves your home.



For daily cooking, storage and carrying of food. Fine aluminum foil is the easiest and safest solution for even your most complex needs. Made of high quality aluminum alloy, it keeps your food fresh while protecting it from light and unpleasant odors.

Allows you to cook quick and easy meals, you can cover the pan while baking in the oven or wrap and store leftovers.

FINE range of aluminum foils: 10m, 20m, 30m and 8m x 45cm for wider pans.



Storing and keeping food fresh may be one of your daily worries. With FINO Nylon Foil you do not need to worry anymore, because it assures you that your food is covered with safety and kept fresh for a long time.

FINE Nylon Foil is ideal for covering food containers and trays, wrap your sandwiches and leftovers while preserving all tastes and smells.

FINE Nylon foil product range: 20m, 30m and Roll 45m in 100 sheets!



Baking food and sweets has never been easier. FINE baking paper is ideal for coating cake pans and oven dishes for non-stick and healthy results without the additional use of butter or oil.

Thanks to the special non-stick formula of high quality and resistance, food and sweets are stamped evenly and easily detached from the paper. Plus, if you bake directly on paper there will be no need for cleaning!

FINO range of products on baking paper: 6m, 8m and 42m x 38cm in 20 sheets




To add flavor and health to your table, FINO special baking bags can be used in the microwave or in a standard oven. Baking bags ensure delicious and healthy baking because the food is baked in its own sauces, without the need to add oil or butter while saving you time and money. Cooking becomes easier.

2 types are available:

Baking bags with dimensions 25 x 38cm, 8 pieces or 35 x 43cm, 5 pieces for larger meals.


Simple ice bags with binding

With FINO ice bags you will be sure that you will always have enough ice cubes, without unpleasant odors! They are easy to use and effectively store water protected from other things in your freezer.

Available in 1 size with 196 ice cubes.


Classic garbage bags

If you are looking for security and easy closing, the FINO Classic waste bags are ideal for you.

They are made of high-strength advanced plastic, with a sealing tape that guarantees maximum durability and without leakage.

Stay classy with FINO…


Power waste bags

For your smallest to largest needs, with Power bags you do not need to worry. They are made of very strong material and assure you that there will be no leakage.

FINO Power waste bags are available in 6 sizes.


Kitchen sponges

Ideal for daily dishwashing. Their special composition helps to make more foam, makes them more durable and ultra absorbent.

Available in packs of 1 piece, 2 pieces and 5 pieces.


Microfiber towels

High quality and durable microfiber towels offer perfect shine on flat screens, windows, dishes and any type of surface, removing dust, fingerprints and water stains. Their rich composition with high density of microfibers provide excellent results even on sensitive surfaces, while removing dust, fingerprints and water stains without scratching the surfaces.

Available for universal use, for glass surfaces, for floors or in the kitchen.


Universal household towels

Use the FINO universal household towels for dry and wet cleaning. Ultra absorbent and high quality material leaves no hairs or stains. They are ideal for dry and wet cleaning of any type of surfaces, such as kitchen work surfaces, furniture, tables, bathroom accessories, tiles, etc. Available in packs of 3 pieces.

FINO - reason for your SMILE (224.2KB)

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