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BU Passion

18 MARCH 2018

Are you ready to spread the passion?

Share your photo with the Passion symbol using the hashtag #BUspreadthepassionMKD and be part of our red world.

For the happiest, there are valuable prizes, as follows: Samsung Galaxy S8 phone first prize; Voucher worth 18,000 denars in the store ZARA second prize; Voucher worth 8000 denars in the ZARA store third prize and many other BU Passion gifts.

(Do not forget that your Instagram profile should be "PUBLIC" so we can see the photos and post them on our FB and Instagram profile)


Live every moment with passion.

Celebrate life.

Find the red BU symbol, share the moment

and spread the passion!

Join the movement.

BU Passion (339.8KB)

World Environment Day: Sarantis Group and its contribution to a sustainable future

Athens, June 4th 2021 World Environment Day is a day of celebration dedicated to the environment’s protection, encouraging efforts that will lead to a green future. Τhis day, set by the United Nations, is celebrated annually on June 5th and encourages awareness and action towards environmental sensitive issues at national, corporate and personal level.
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