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15 NOVEMBER 2017


There is an unwritten rule in fashion, and that is that whether you wear a classic or minimalist style, and whether you wear pieces with salty or "normal" prices, it is important to stand out from the others and be original.

15 JUNE 2016

New #BUnofilter campaign!

After a successful first #Bunofilter campaign involving over 2,000 girls, a new B.U. and awarded over 30 valuable prizes, B.U. surprises you again! Promoting "B.U. in Action ”line, B.U. encourages all young girls who are active in any way, to share their photos! Whether you do fitness, yoga, Pilates or just be active with a walk in the park, share your photo, choose the mood you are in and valuable rewards await you! Prizes include a MKD 10,000 voucher from Sport Vision, a 6-month Powerhouse Pilates subscription, and B.

24 APRIL 2017

bioten Hyaluronic 3D launch in N. Macedonia

Discover the triple action of Hyaluronic with one touch! Bioten leads the new HYALURONIC 3D face care line, based on a triple system of hyaluronic acid that has a powerful effect on wrinkles and instantly provides effective skin hydration.

1 APRIL 2016

We are honored to announce the new #BUnofilter campaign!

The campaign starts on April 1, 2016. This is a unique opportunity for all girls to be one step closer to becoming famous! We all take photos every day and use Facebook and Instagram to share photos with our loved ones.

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